Travel Around Slovakia

Once you get into Slovakia, transportation will still be relatively easy. The best way to see Slovakia though is by train. You don’t need to rent a car or take the bus. The railway network reaches far and wide except for the central southern part of Slovakia. For this area, you are better off taking the bus.

The trains in Slovakia are clean and not expensive. If you prefer a more modern train system, use the InterCity (IC) railway. These trains travel from the capital city of Bratislava to Zilinia, High Tatras and to Kosice. They are more expensive than the regular trains but they are quite efficient and will get you to your destination safely. The ordinary trains may also be efficient but since they are cheaper, they tend to get overcrowded.

Road in SlovakiaAside from taking the train, if you can, try biking or walking tours. There is also hitchhiking which you will find very commonplace in Slovakia, as in other parts of Europe.

Hitchhiking may not be as easy as it sounds because finding a ride may take some time. If you want, there are some hitchhiker websites that include Slovakia in their line up, you may be interested in checking them out.

Since there are so many interesting places to see in Slovakia, there are a number of recreational transportation that may tickle your fancy. Aside from the functional IC train, there are tourist trains like the popular Presporacik train that travels Bratislava using a ecologically friendly gas engine. You can join a tourist group for one of these trips.

If you are feeling adventurous and do not have a problem with height, go on an exhilarating plane flight. From a compact airplane, you can see all of Slovakia and the beauty of its surroundings. It will give you a different angle on how Slovakia looks from the air. If you want to all natural, there are even hot air balloon rides that is a serene and absolutely memorable way to Slovakia by air.

If air travel is not your thing, you might be interested in a boat tour or a sightseeing boat. From the dams to the rivers of Slovakia, you can see it all in all its splendor from the clear, blue, refreshingly tranquil waters of Slovakia.

You can travel to the different historical sights and tourist destination while traveling down the famous Danube and Morava rivers. These sightseeing boats go from one end of Slovakia to the opposite end, and further down to the Black Sea, if you want to really exp[and your boat trip.

One very popular sports and a traditional method of traveling around Slovakia is through river wood rafting. The river Dunajec has a borderline between Poland and Slovakia, and runs through the fabulous Pieniny National Park. It’s a wonderful feeling to be able to go rafting the way it was done hundreds of years ago in Slovakia. It makes you appreciate the natural beauty of Slovakia’s surroundings even more.

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