Slovak Culture

Festival in SLovakiaFor some reason, Slovakia is full of festivities and cultural events all year round. The people of Slovakia obviously enjoy celebrating momentous occasions and important people, and give them the due honor accordingly. Some of the most popular festivities and events in Slovakia are listed below.

The Biennial of Illustrations is an annual event in September (or sometimes held in October) that is organized by the Ministry of Culture. This event recognizes the best pictures and drawings used in children’s books from around the world.

The winners of the awards given during this event usually have their illustrations printed in the Slovakia stamp.

St. Hubert’s Day is a hunting festival held in Svaty. Hunting enthusiasts from all over Slovakia and other countries make their way to the beautiful baroque manor house which is built amidst an English-like park with lakes, museums, and an artificial cave.

Part of the festivities include Huberts Ride, deer hunting, fashion shows, a grand ball, a display of all sorts of hunting equipment and paraphernalia.

The Trnava Fair is a tradition that is held every second weekend of September. It celebrates the success of market history in Trnava, which is one of the oldest free royal villages in all of Slovakia.

If yo0u have a chance to see this festival in full swing, you will experience the richness and vibrancy of Slovakian culture. You can even get to bring home some of the wonderful crafts and food delicacies of the area.

The International Jazz Festival in Trencin is also an annual event that features all the most popular jazz artists in Europe and the rest of the world. This musical events will showcase all the different ways that jazz is played from the rock jazz to free jazz, fusion jazz to jazz fund. It’s all here in one big playground.

Christmas Markets in Bratislava is another wonderful event that brings a flood of emotions for the beauty and wonder of Slovakia in times like Christmas holidays. The town square and the old town square come out with their most delicious dishes and you hear Christmas carols being sung all through the event. It’s like having your very own winter Christmas village replete with tradition and amazing people. This is the time of the year when they come out happy and celebratory as one of the most important occasions in a Catholic world unfolds.

As a tourist, you will be blown away by the hundreds of crafts and local items for sale. There are handmade items, ceramics, glass, fabric, wood and food items all in display at the town square. You will also taste traditional holiday delicacies like lokse, honey cakes, and Christmas mead.

One of the most attended events of Slovakia is the Coronation Day which is held in the capital city of Bratislava every September. There is a fantastic parade of actors in traditional costumes, and you are in the middle of a memorable 3 day event with kings, queens and court jesters milling all around you.

In Slovakia, cultural events are a mixture of tradition of pomp and circumstance, being able to witness just a few of these will give you memories to last a lifetime.

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