Other cities in Slovakia

TrencinSlovakia is a country in the center of Europe and has some of the most amazing and spectacular sights and places to see in all of Europe. Some of the areas around Slovakia have made a name for themselves as tourist destinations and must see when in Slovakia.


This place was once a Roman military colony and is located at the foot of Strazovske hills, near the valley of Vah River. The highlight of a visit to Trencin would undoubtedly be the castles. There are two castles you must see when you go to Trencin. The first is the Cachtice castle which was where the Countess Elisabeth Bathory who lived during the 17th century supposedly had over 500 young ladies killed.

The second castle is Beckov castle which was built in the 13th century amidst lush green rolling hills and plains.


This widely famous area in Slovakia is one of the oldest cities, and was in fact, once a religious center and a university town. This city is also called the “Slovak Rome” because of its architecture. Some of the interesting sites here are the Clarist Convent, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the West Slovakia Museum, and the Museum of Book Culture.


About 35 km away from Trnava is Piestany which is one of the most visited areas in Slovakia because of its spa resort. The therapeutic warm waters of the springs are considered beneficial to people with neuropathy medical problems.


This is a lovely region of Slovakia and known for its valleys and mountain ranges. When you visit Slovakia, one of the most recommended sites to go to are the Tatras – the Western Tatras and the Low Tatras.

The mountains make the area ideal for many sports like fishing and hunting, and of course, the water sports.

There are also thermal baths and caves, including four natural reserves, 14 national monuments, and the Mala Fatra National Park. However, the most famous of all the wondrous places to go is the Budatin Castle.

Banska Bystrica

Banska BystricaThis is the economic and cultural center of Slovakia. There are many buildings that will attest to the cultural richness of Slovakia. Here in this city are some of the most exceptional buildings in all of Slovakia. You must see the Clock Tower, the SNP Museum, and the Church of Our Lady which is the oldest building in Slovakia.

Banska Bystrica also has many ski resorts and thermal baths. You can go cross country or alpine skiing which is a fantastic sport because of the awesome views of mountain ranges.

This is one of the best cities to go to in Slovakia. If you must choose, then this has to be on the top of the list. Here you get to enjoy nature at its best, unique cultural and historical sites and amazing architecture. The largest national park is here with over 92 km of vast land and mountains covering it. The biggest Slovakian cave is also found here – the Freedom Cave.


Presov has the High Tatras where you can see for miles around. The magnificence of this mountain range is breathtaking. It spans several summits and valleys.

Many of the sites and cities in Slovakia are beautiful but it cannot be enjoyed in a day. You will need several days to weeks to enjoy the amazing sites of Slovakia and its cities. It’s really no wonder that Slovakia is fast becoming known as a top tourist destination in Central Europe.

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