Beauty of Nature in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the most scenic spots in the world. It used to be a communist country which meant that very few tourists would ever go there. However, now that the country has become more open to tourism, travel to Slovakia is picking up, and the hospitality industry is bound to grow by leaps and bounds.

The jagged peaks of the High Tatras are splendid to see because we normally don’t come across mountain ranges with this kind of profile. Many of the mountain ranges have a rounded top. Of course, the mere fact that these mountains have protected Slovakia is a testimony to that preservation of its nature and identity.

Some of the most amazing creations in all the world may be found in this relatively small country in Central Europe.

High Tatras

High TatrasThe snow topped mountain ranges is the only alpine mountain in Eastern Europe. It climbs up to a height of over 8700 feet, with an area of 100 square miles, which makes it one of the smallest mountain ranges in the world.

You can take a cable car to the Lomnicky Stit which is the second highest point. This tourist destination is one of the top choices for outdoor winter sports that is off the beaten track. In spite of the terrible storm in 2004 which almost destroyed the forests entirely, people still choose to go to this spot because of the amazing and spectacular view from the top.

Mala Fatra

The serenity of the area in Mala Fatra is a spectacle of valleys and peaks with a lot of forests and mountains around. Here, it looks like time stood still because it seems that nature was allowed to just grow and blossom here – almost untouched in it beauty. For many, seeing Mala Fatra is like being in a paradise with a grand variety of flora and fauna, birds and animals, and blissful natural beauty.

Low Tatras

This is a more accessible version of the High Tatras except it is a bit more extensive in reach. It is also less visited which lends a better, but more dangerous visit. A hike up these peaks might reward you with a glimpse of the wild animals that roam the area like the bears, lynx, wolves and chamois. There is even an ice cave plus 5 other underground caves to explore. Spelunking can never be as good as it is here.


If mountains are not your idea of a great vacation, you can visit Pieniny which is a rocky landscape that scans the Polish border. You can go rafting here with tour guides dressed in the traditional costumes.

Ochtinska Aragonite Cave

Low TatrasOf all the numerous caves in Slovakia, this might probably be the most unusual. It was discovered in 1954, and has blue limestone walls

Slovakia is really a hotspot of natural wonders. It also has hot springs and even a geyser. It’s no wonder that tourists from all over the world come here for the “miracle waters” of Slovakia. The spas here have been known to alleviate medical conditions such as respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive conditions.

If you enjoy going to spas, there is no better place than Slovakia.

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