Accommodations in Slovakia

Slovakia has a lot to offer in accommodations. It does not matter what your budget is because there is a varied range of accommodations to suit any budget. For most of these accommodations, whether it be a hotel or an inn, the room rates are almost always cheaper than those you would find the other parts of Europe.

Most famous in Slovakia are the spas. This is a great way to spend you vacation – in a spa hotel or a spa resort. Not only do you get wonderful rooms, you have a wide range of spa services that you can enjoy in the comfort of your room.

Spas are known for its rejuvenating effects, as well as for de-stressing the work weary or travel weary tourist. It is even better when you go to a spa in Slovakia because here, the country is known for its warm springs and rich mineral fresh waters, all available amidst stupendous landscape and views.

Since Slovakia is just an emerging tourist attraction, the hotels may be a little less than what you would expect. Before traveling to Slovakia, make sure you have made your room reservations at a place either recommended to you, or one that you have checked out in the internet.

Slovakia does not have the typical bed and breakfast kind of accommodations. They do rent out private beds and bedrooms but rarely do they offer breakfast with your stay.

If you are planning to stay in Slovakia for several days or weeks, it might be better if you make prior arrangements. Most recommended would be to find accommodations that gave friendly staff who will go out of their way to make your stay pleasant. Many cases, tourists find that the kind of hotel service they get in other European countries are not the same as in Slovakia. This is only because Slovakia is relatively new to the hospitality business.

Hotel in SlovakiaMost Slovakia hotels have modern amenities and recreational facilities. Many of them are equipped with a swimming pool, business and fitness centers, massage and saunas, and outdoor activities like lawn tennis and skiing.

If you are used to having in house laundry service, room service, or safety boxes, you might be a little surprised to know that not all the hotels in Slovakia offer these. There are nearby laundry shops and restaurants which can handle your personal needs.

If you prefer to stay in apartments or cottages, you will probably not get any personal services, so this means you will have to source them yourself.

Some cities in Slovakia do not have international hotel chains, thus you will have to settle for accommodations from the locals. If you find yourself in this kind of situation, make sure top speak with the landlord a little extensively to find out what exactly is part of the short term lease contract. Slovaks are not used to having tourists in their cities, and it is just starting to pick up on the need to be hospitable and friendly to strangers. But then, for many tourists, this is part of the charm of Slovakia.

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